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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mark sent his thanks.......

Please add Mark Eisenberg's expression of gratitude to the following:
President of Glen Oaks Little League Peter O'Rourke ---whose courageous and generous decision to issue plaques and baseball caps, (and lunch!), providing bottled water and soft drinks in buckets of ice to the 1957 and 1958 All Stars in the face of stiff opposition---without President O'Rourke NOTHING would have happened.
Carolyn Johnson and Darlene Richards, librarians of the Main Rochester, New York library who discovered through hard work and effort, the New York Times article covering the Venezuela game dated July 28, 1957 that no one knew existed, the population of Maracaibo at the time of 390,000 people and how Maracaibo eventually was eliminated by the Rockville Centre Little League by the score of 2-0 in August of 1957.
Librarians in Brighton, New York and Webster, New York, suburbs of Rochester, New York who for many months constantly cheerfully and graciously fielded my countless phone calls helping me track the All Stars all over the country.
All Stars Miles Pedersen, Al Uhl, Bob Borrelli, Joe Gemmo and others who networked and got me names and phone numbers of other All Stars.
Lynn Zwerling for making a sensational blog and video of the events and All Star Peter Zwerling whose generosity to absorb the cost of making the video and postage is truly appreciated.
Last and most important is All Star Joe Gemmo---his unending generosity is so many ways, the countless hours we spent on the phone, his superb work ethic his lovely wife Anna at his side to help ---could not have been taken to the level the events reached without him. An example is the New York Mets. For months I had written, called, faxed various people in the Mets organization. I struck out. When Joe came on board, he stepped up to the plate and like an All Star he hit a home run by successfully arranging for the Mets to honor the All Stars at Shea Stadium Saturday night June 23rd! Joe was an All Star on the field and he is clearly the same All Star off the field.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who has contacted my family regarding the passing of my father, Les Storch.

He was very proud of his little league memories and would have appreciated the many kinds words we have recieved.


Craig Storch
Storch Foundation for Cancer Research