Now a few weeks after the renuion, it has taken on a life of it's own

Old films have surfaced, soon to be edited and distributed and several new guys have been found.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Found former little leaguers

In Newark, Delaware, Al Mercantes writes:
I just got off the phone with Mark and he filled me in on the 1957 Glen Oaks Little League project. Sorry to have missed the big day at Shea but I hope to get the video of the festivities.
Mark asked me to let you know that I may have some video footage of the game. If I do have it you may want to include it in the video you are producing. My dad took movies of almost everything and he might have taken some on the day of the 1957 game. My dad died 2 years ago and I have all the movies that he converted to VHS. It may take me a week or so the find the video if it exists.
I will let you know what I find as soon as possible
Best wishes,
Al Mercatante

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Al Mercatante said...

I have some good news. I have found the movies that my dad took at the 1957 All Star Game. While it begins with me--my mother's and father's All Star--it does end with ......(I'll let you guess until you see it). The clip is only 1 minute long so I have posted it on on Snapfish. In a few days I will foward it on to all of you via an email announcement. I will be sending Lynn and Pete a hard copy and maybe we can figure a way to sent a hard copy to anyone interested.

This whole thing has been a real hoot. Hats off to Mark, Joe, Lynn and Pete for pulling this off (sorry if I missed anyone).

My wife, Bea, and I have been in Newark, DE since 1976. We have 3 adult children and we are grandparents 2X and awaiting a 3rd.

See you all at the 75th reunion.

Best to all of you.
Al Mercatante