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Monday, June 4, 2007


Oftentimes childhood memories are lost. But sometimes, those defining moments, big or small, simply take hold and are available to call up, to hold, to savor. That's what happened to Mark Eisenberg. It's the memory of Little League games played during the summers of 1957 and 1958. These were not just a sandlot games, but games that took hold of his developing mind and has stayed with him ever since. Baseball, all things baseball, continues to be his passion.

He thought, those summers of '57 and '58 meant so much to him that surely the players, the pre-teen little leaguers and their families and participants might also be holding that memory, savoring it. So, he began what some might call an obsession. Mark determined to contact as many of the players from those summer days and all of the enthusiastic bystanders he so vividly remembered.

Maybe you were there...maybe your older brother played in the game...maybe you had to work or had to study or simply heard of the game. This electronic scrapbook is dedicated to Little League Baseball, the winning plays, the heartbreaks...the fabric of young lives and the men they were to become.


Anonymous said...

The Glen Oaks Little League originated in 1951 and continues to thrive to this day. Look for the history posting.

Risa Zwerling said...

I remember my brother Pete and his best friend Mickey playing at the Oval. It was always so much fun to watch the games - I was very little at the time - but remember the Venezuala game and that Mick hurt his finger catching a warm up pitch by Peter and had to go to the ER -- and didn't get to catch. What heartbreak!!