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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Al sent this

It's a list of all of the World Series Little League Champions. Don’t know if you want to use this on the blog but it does answer whether Staten Island went on to win it all after beating the ’58 team.
1947 Maynard-Williamsport, Pennsylvania 1948 Lock Haven-Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 1949 Little Big League-Hammonton, New Jersey 1950 National-Houston, Texas 1951 Stamford-Stamford, Connecticut 1952 National-Norwalk, Connecticut 1953 Southside-Birmingham, Alabama 1954 National-Schenectady, New York 1955 Morrisville-Morrisville, Pennsylvania 1956 Hondo Lions-Roswell, New Mexico 1957 Industrial-Monterrey, Mexico 1958 Industrial-Monterrey, Mexico 1959 National-Hamtramck, Michigan 1960 American-Levittown, Pennsylvania 1961 Northern-El Cajon/La Mesa, California 1962 Moreland District-San Jose, California 1963 National-Granada Hills, California 1964 Mid Island-Staten Island, New York 1965 Windsor Locks-Windsor Locks, Connecticut 1966 Westbury-Houston, Texas 1967 West Tokyo-Tokyo, Japan 1968 Wakayama-Wakayama, Japan 1969 Taipei-Chinese Taipei 1970 Wayne-Wayne, New Jersey 1971 Tainan-Chinese Taipei 1972 Taipei-Chinese Taipei 1973 Tainan-Chinese Taipei 1974 Kao Ksiung-Chinese Taipei 1975 Lakewood-Lakewood, New Jersey 1976 Chofu-Tokyo, Japan 1977 Li-The-Chinese Taipei 1978 Pin-Kuang-Chinese Taipei 1979 Pu-Tzu Town-Chinese Taipei 1980 Hua Lian-Chinese Taipei 1981 Tai-Ping Little League-Chinese Taipei 1982 Kirkland National-Kirkland, Washington 1983 East Marietta National-Marietta, Georgia 1984 Seoul-Seoul, Korea 1985 Seoul-Seoul, Korea 1986 Tainan Park-Chinese Taipei 1987 Hua Lian-Chinese Taipei 1988 Tai Chung-Chinese Taipei 1989 National-Trumbull, Connecticut 1990 San-Hua-Chinese Taipei 1991 Hsi Nan-Chinese Taipei 1992 Long Beach-Long Beach, California 1993 Long Beach-Long Beach, California 1994 Coquivacoa-Maracaibo, Venezuela 1995 Shan-Hua-Chinese Taipei 1996 Fu-Hsing-Chinese Taipei 1997 Linda Vista-Guadalupe, Mexico 1998 Toms River, New Jersey 1999 Hirakata, Osaka, Japan 2000 Sierra Maestra Little League
Maracaibo, Venezuela 2001 Kitasuna Little League,
Tokyo, Japan 2002 Valley Sports American Little League Louisville, Kentucky 2003 Musashi-Fuchu Little League,
Tokyo, Japan 2004 Pabao Little League,
Willemstad, Curacao 2005 West Oahu Little League,
Ewa Beach, Hawaii 2006 Columbus Northern Little League
Columbus, Georgia © 2007, Little League Baseball Incorporated

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