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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Les Storch and Richard Storch have been found

OOOOPS Mark found Richard Storch ( we all ready have found and contacted Les Storch) of the 1958 Glen Oaks All Stars who played on the Orioles and whose father, Martin Storch was a manager. Richard Storch currently resides in Bainbridge Island, Washington and contact Lynn Z for his email address.
Mark has added in an email:
You did a beautiful job on the production of the DVD. Particularly touching, Pete, were comments made directed to Les Storch. In the Brooklyn-Queens championship game, Les got 2 (two) hits and in the City championship game against Staten Island, Les got 3 (three) hits. While Les had the highest batting average of all the All Stars on the 1958 team, what should be noted is the significance of the 3 (three) hits in the City championship game. The Staten Island pitcher had a wicked slow curve ball that the entire team had great difficulty handling----everyone batting from the right side except one person. Only Les who batted from the left side had considerable success. As you know the game went into extra innings --8 (eight), with Glen Oaks losing 3 to 1. Again, thanks for your hard work and generosity.

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