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Friday, July 13, 2007

Peter Zwerling's memories

Pete Zwerling Fond Memories

  • Like everyone else, Herman Dunsay and that nasty Blackjack gum is a vivid memory. I can still taste it.

  • That red-headed umpire who seemed to ump every game.

  • Hitting the first HR over the fence in the 1956 season. The next batter Bobby Tabita followed with another over the fence HR. Back to back in the Little League. Amazing.

  • Arnie Goldfarb teaching me how to throw a curveball. It had a great effect back then but my continued use of it was the probable cause of my arm being blown out at the age of 15. (Tommy Fitzgerald had a similar experience)

  • In 1956 we played the Floral Park Nationals in the first game of the tournament at the Oval. We went up against a great picher named Raleigh Woj…… and some how scratched out a 2-1 win. Richie Csekits pitched magnificently for us. In the second game of the tournament we played the Floral Park Americans(who were supposed to be inferior to the Nationals) at their place. I was the starting pitcher and got absolutely rocked ; being knocked out in the first inning. We knew we were in trouble when half the team drove cars to the game and had tufts of hair protruding from the tops of their jerseys.

  • Of course the Venezuela game,which has been well chronicled, remains my fondest memory. It was the greatest game I’ve ever played in at any level.

  • I’d like to pay special tribute to the managers and coaches who made it all possible. In no special order:

    1. Arnie Goldfarb
    2. Mr. Storch
    3. Dick Jacobson
    4. Mr. Sperling
    5. Nick Gemmo
    6. Lou Cassidy
    7. Irv Fendel
    8. Lou Cagan
    9. Herman Dunsay
    10. Bob Raben

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