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Monday, August 6, 2007

Vic Riccardi from Joe Gemmo

Just received a call from Vic’s son-in-law informing me that Vic, who has been very ill and confined to a wheel chair previously, has now suffered a stroke and upon release from the hospital, he’ll be admitted into a nursing home since he’ll be needing constant care.

All of our prayers go out to Vic who we all remember as a great and fun loving guy.


Ronnie Goldman said...

Sorry to hear about Vic Riccardi,
Vic was the biggest influence on my baseball life (which has lasted more than 40 years) Vic was a coach of mine on the '64, '65 senior LL all star team. He taught me how to make the most of practice, and what hard work could accomplish.

Artie Di Gianno said...

Just want to inform you that Vic passed away in November, 2008. I was a friend of his from the time I was 12 years old and he will be greatly missed.