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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Al Uhl wants your help in indentifying the players from the dvd....

Hi All!

Assume by now you all have received the latest DVD which includes Al Mercatante’s home movie clip. I was talking with Mark Eisenberg last night and said it would be neat if we could identify all the players as the camera pans us right to left. So guess who got the job to make this happen? J

In the movie they pan the VZ team twice (once with hats on and once with hats off) left to right.

Then it pans us once right to left. I can only make out or identify four of us; Cassidy, Sopko, Pete Z and myself.

Counting right to left that would make Cassidy 6th and Sopko, Zwerling and me 12th, 13th and 14th respectively. Then comes the mgr and coach (Bob Raben and who?)

I was thinking that maybe each of us could at least find ourselves if nothing else (and maybe others).

If each of you could tell me which position (1st, 3rd, 10th, etc.) in the pan you are (going right to left with the pan) I would be willing to be the focal point for coming up with a complete list.

If you are sure about anyone in addition to yourself pls pass that on too (in case that person doesn’t/can’t respond). Since the movie is a bit fuzzy, if you can’t identify yourself, let me know that too. Someone else may be able and/or we may be able to ID you by the process of elimination.

Hope to hear from you all and I will get the completed list to everyone.

Al Uhl

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